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What c........ I did a search with the BBB and company at this address is called International Cash Services with number 18008653898, I tried to c......I spoke with a supervisor who insists that this company is legal.. I then told her I was revoking .....I told the woman that called to call my cellular, but how do you deal with these people? I work for the govt. I cant have them calling my job? I am in process of filing a complaint with th... I REFUSE TO LET ...

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They are illegal and you overpaid them...I wouldn't pay either of them another dime. Send both Payco and AIP a cease and desist letter telling them you have overpaid the account per your state laws (include them) and to no longer contact you, your employer, and references as you consisder this account paid in full based on the illegal overcharges. Next, close your bank account and open another one - and don't give out your new banking information. I too would no longer take their telephone calls - block there telephone numbers. It is just a scare tactic. File complaints with the BBB, FTC, and Attorney General. It is just a scare tactic so don't fall for their BS. As long as you can show you over paid them - then you don't owe them. I did exactly what I mentioned above and sure enough got a refund for $822 immeditely because I wasn't playing games with them. Gave the facts and didn't leave it open for any further discussion even though it was another company. Good luck and stick to your guns!

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