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I thought I just posted this but can not find it. I am in California, took out loans due to circumstance and need to know what to do.

Plain Green: actively paying on since October 17. 1000 loan, paying via ach 2x month 167. can i get out of this because they are tribal? i am current on this loan

Loan me: paid for over a year. now collection agency on me hard. Do I have any way out of this? how do i stop collection process? Should I settle with collection agency?

Rise: defaulted: showing on credit report with collection agency

American Web loans: have loan, get collection calls but not on CR.. how do i stop calls? i think they are tribal?

Balance credit. Just got into repayment with collection agency... can they collect from me? can i put end to collection agency ach withdrawls?

thanks for your help. need to sort this mess out.

Plain Green: Tribal: Make only the principal amount. You don't have to pay the interest rate as they are illegal.
Loan me: legal lender: Ask the collection to validate the debt. Check how much you have paid. If the debt is yours, then ask them for a repayment plan. Try to make the lump sum. However, make the agreement written.
Rise: Check the SOl.
American Web loans: Illegal. If you paid the principal, then relax. If you get the calls from CA, then ask them to validate it and ask them for their postal address.
Balance credit: What is the debt amount, How much have you paid?

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Plain, i will reach out to them. fingers crossed.. i will even try for a refund? ive paid 2352 on a 1000 loan.(balance is 1200)!
loan me.. will work on today
Rise: not at SOI yet. all these are approximately year old
AWB: what happens if calls are from CA? do companies like this sell to collections?
Balance: I am really not even sure.. may i why this would matter?

I greatly appreciate your help!

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gregg gregg

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Plain Green Response.

These guys report to my credit.. is there a way to stop that? They sure didnt say anything about the refund I asked for. Thoughts?

Thank you for your recent email.

Per your request as of 04/27/2018 we have stopped any automatic payment drafts from your checking account; and we have updated your Plain Green account to reflect the same.

Please note, you are still obligated for repayment by the terms of the loan agreement you signed to accept the original funds. Your due date has not changed. Therefore to avoid late or missed payments you are required to make payment by an alternate source. We can accept Check and Money Order payments.

You have an amount of $167.22 due on the date of 05/04/2018. We are most interested in working with you to keep your account in good standing. If you have additional questions, please contact our Customer Support team at the number listed below.

If at any time you would like to reinstate your ACH, please refer to the following letter below:

I (Customer's Name) authorize Plain Green Loans to ACH credit and debit my bank account at (Bank Name) with (Account Number) and (Routing Number). Effective (Today's Date)

*If you are faxing letter, it needs to include Hand Written Signature.*

**If you are emailing letter, it does not need to include Hand Written Signature.**

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gregg gregg

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AWB: what happens if calls are from CA? do companies like this sell to collections?

Ignore the calls. Send the Cease and Desist letter to the CA so that they can't contact you anymore. Sometimes, they do see accounts to collection agencies. But there is no need to get afraid. Go to the letters section in this forum. You'll get a sample Cease and Desist letter from there.

These guys report to my credit.. is there a way to stop that?

Dispute the listing with the credit bureau. Illegal lenders can't report to credit reporting agencies. Threaten to take legal steps if they don't give you a refund.

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