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First of all, thank you for all the information provided in this forum!

I live in Washington state and last month, due to a medical emergency I have taken out 5 pay day loans over the internet (all of them are not licensed in WA state):
Plain Green – $1600, which I have paid $140
Great Plains – $1000, which I have paid $138
Mobiloans – $600, no payments made, yet
Blue Thread Lending - $400, no payments made, yet
RiverBendCash - $500, no payments made, yet

I am willing to pay the principle amount of all these loans, however, I’m trying to see if it’s possible to set reasonable terms for the repayment (monthly instead bi-weekly).
I’m planning to close my bank account next week, revoke the ACH authorizations and send letters to all these lenders.
I have a few questions and any help would be really appreciated.
1. Can my bank (Bank of America) deny my request to close the account?
2. What do I need to tell them to make sure the account will not be automatically re-open?
3. When should I close my account (my payments are going to be taken out on June 14th)?
4. What should I tell to my employer?

Thank you!
PS: I tried to register to the forum but I haven't got the activation email.

1. Nope. Make sure you give them a copy of the ach revocations.

2. see above


4. Give copies of the volunary wage assignment revocation to your payroll department....they see tons of this stuff, so dont sweat it. As for calls coming in, simply tell your coworkers you are being scammed and to hang up.

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I just got back from work and saw your answer. Thank you once again for your quick response!

Can you please tell me where I can find an example of volunary wage assignment revocation letter? This is not the same with the ACH revocation, right?

thank you

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Pretty simple...I hereby revoke any and all wage assignments I may have signed in regards to account number ____________ effective immediately. A copy of this revocation will also be submitted to my payroll office.

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OK. Thank you, once again!

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great plains and riverbend shouldn't give you too much of a hard firm..they know they are illegal...they both folded easily for me, but I had already payed more than the principal on both. God luck

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