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Hello I am needing some help with some internet payday loans that I have been caught up with. I have been reading through this website and I see what has worked for others. I just need some help getting started. I have already closed my bank account. Now how do I find out if these lenders are legal in Indiana?


Zoca loans

Axis advance

Any help would be much appreciated . Thank you!


Skytrailcash - Illegal
Zoca loans - Illegal
Axis advance - illegal
Cashamericatoday - Legal in Utah.

Good that you have closed your bank account. Can you tell me how much you have borrowed and how much you have repaid? Have you paid any interest? Have you paid more than the principal.

Technically, you shouldn't pay a penny more than the principal amount. If you have borrowed $1000, you should pay this amount only. Nothing else.

If you have paid more than the principal amount, then ask for a refund. Don't expect to get it back.

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In case of illegal loans, you're supposed to pay just the principal amount and not a cent more.

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