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Pay Day Loan Yes Sent my Account to Totally Recovery Services

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Ok so I had a 400.00 loan with pay day yes, illegal state of nj. I have spent the last few months arguing with them about their illegal status and have kept receiving their special executive offer for settlements. Today I receive a phone call from a mrs wainwright from total recovery solutions who had now received my file from pay day yes. I told her I owe nothing and to send me something in writing she said something was sent June 18 and I should be receiving shortly. What go I need to do???? Who are these people?? She got loud with me but didn't threaten me, but I got loud with her. I see pay day yes has now closed their site and now does not provide loans to nj residents. What do I need to do with these people? Anyone else dealing or heard of total recovery services?

If you receive the letter, respond with a debt validation request. They cannot validate an illegal loan because the contract is unenforceable.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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if you don't receive a letter.the next time the b*tch calls hang up without a word and use the name and any numbers to file an AG complaint against both total recovery,and paydayloanyes.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Personally I would not bother with a DV...even if they have a copy of the contract it is still invalid. Simply send a cease and desist in writing...tell them to pound sand as the original contract is flawed/invalid

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I suggested the DV for protection if/when TRS reports to the bureaus. They do that and, having a DV with no response, then a C&D would help get it removed faster.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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Thanks to you guys I can always breathe a little easier!!!! I get these calls snd begin to panic! But thanks to you two I always become grounded!!!! I will follow your advice as always !

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ballplayersmom ballplayersmom

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I wouldn't be surprised if PDL Yes is faking this collection agency. As an illegal lender, they know that the debt can't be validated.

They haven't tried this one with me, but I bet it's next.

They have tried the court summons trick 5 times now. Yesterday, I saw the "blocked" number and picked up. It was a process server threat, but oddly, the same voice I have heard from a collector at USA Cash Express. I cut him off and asked him why he thought that if I didn't fall for this trick 4 times, why would I fall for it a fifth? I have four voice mails over 3 months time from them saying they are going to serve me in two hours. After he hung up, he had the nerve to call me right back! Unable to resist, I picked up and told him I'd meet him at the courthouse in an hour with my friend who also happens to be an attorney at the state AG office. He hung up.

A little research shows there are court orders against them in at least 6 states now. New Jersey is one of them. If you do happen to talk to them again, maybe ask why they haven't Ceased and Desisted yet as ordered by the NJ attorney general.

I also found some complaints about TRS making harassing phone calls. Personally, I think that PDL Yes is trying to trick you into thinking they have sent this to a collection agecy. Google Mrs. Wainright at Total Recovery and you'll see what I mean.

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agath2005 agath2005

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Maryland is also one of the states working on a case against Payday Loan Yes. Hopefully, we can get them shut down. :D

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bingonut bingonut

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With Maryland, that makes 8 states I have found with Court Orders regarding Payday Loan Yes and all if its affiliates:
New jersey
New Hampshire

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agath2005 agath2005

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I live in NJ and I had those same issues and Paul gave me some good information file the AG complaint the BBB complaint and better business complaint. I sent the the debt validation template I gotoff this site abd they responded to the BBB by saying they sent the debt back to the lender and they wanted no part of it. The collection agencies that take on an illegal debt are low life so continue to fight fire with fire. I am so happy I found that article I did and ameriloan is still calling me a whole year later I ignore their calls.

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danettere danettere

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