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I have two and I am drowning. I have gotten behind on my regular bills.

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I have two and I am drowning. I have gotten behind on my regular bills. I took them out after Christmas and the interest in astronomical.
Ladder Credit and Blue Trust (Hummingbird Loans) are the names of the lenders.
Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Freda!

I have read your query. That's why I never recommend anyone to take out a pdl or payday loan. Its interest rate is unimaginable.

But don’t worry too much. Where there’s a will there’s a way! As you have taken out 2 pdls, my suggestion is that you should consolidate your payday loans to combine your 2 monthly payments into 1 to make it manageable and easy-to-pay monthly payments.

Now take a look at 3 benefits that you’re going to get with payday loan consolidation.

In general, consolidation means combination. With debt consolidation, you have the chance of combining your multiple debts into a single debt. You have to face less tension now.

Try to contact a genuine debt consolidation firm. They will negotiate with your 2 payday lenders and will try to reduce your overall interest rate. It means you have the chance of saving money per month.

A payday debt consolidation firm can help you to regain your finance from the payday debt lenders by keeping them out from your bank account.

Thus my suggestion is you should take help from an expert payday debt consolidation company. You may call (800)-530-OVLG or search the internet to get help.

I researched on Ladder Credit. First of all, the company is not BBB accredited. A high probable chance is the operating style of the company is not good.

Blue Trust loans are operated by an Indian American tribe. They ask for high- interest rate charges for payday loans. Sadly, like Ladder Credit, Blue Trust Loans too are not accredited by BBB.
Both these companies are not genuine so I think you better be out from their loan cycles.

Hope all your queries are answered. Feel free to ask more about your pdl debt in other posts.


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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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Both are tribal lenders. Blue Trust belongs to the Chippewa tribe. Tribal lenders usually charge a huge rate of interest. In both the cases, all you need to do is pay the principal amount. Nothing else. How much have you paid till date? If you have paid more than the principal amount, then they owe you a refund. Ask them to give you a refund in writing. Revoke ACH autorization as soon as possible so that they can't withdraw money from your account henceforth. It will be tough to deal with them.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Since they are not legal lenders, pay the principal amount.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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