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How can I end the payday loan cycle with limited income?

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I am in payday loan HELL. I originally took out a payday loan to pay some past due bills. I know I have two store front payday loans and two online payday loans. I am a single mother and trying to make the ends meet, I ended up in this cycle. Now I'm struggling to pay bills, feed my child, have to fill gas to get to work. I am on the verge of evicition and have nowhere to go. I am looking for some advice on how to get out of payday loans.

Wait, wait wait. You have so many problems. Let us look at them and try to find a solution one by one.

You're on the verge of eviction. This means you have an outstanding mortgage loan as well. How much do you owe? Have you considered refinancing it? You can think about it since it can help you save your home. The other option is short sale.

You can consolidate or settle your legal payday loans. Revoke your ACH authorization. Have a talk with the bank asap.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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You should consider a credit counseling session to get a better budgeting idea. The credit counselor may also ask you to enroll in a DMP to pay off your legal payday loans.

Find out if the EPP option is there.

Consider refinancing to save your home.

To increase cash flow, consider a side hustle or sell unwanted goods or items.

Why don't you consider public transport to reach the office?

Don't drive when you're in bad financial condition. You can save on gas and maintenance.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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I"m about to revoke an ACH myself. Been up against eviction a few times the past few months myself. Had to make arrangements with car financier to keep the jalopy. I think I might have a way out of this mess, but will definitely need to tell a payday loan company to wait and negotiate without them attempting to debit my account every 2 weeks.
A side hustle? Any plasma centers in your area? See if you can donate. You should be able to make an extra $250-300 a month if there's one near you. IMO, that little money goes a long way and makes a world of difference.

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Any plasma centers in your area? You can make a couple a hundred bucks a month or more donating twice a week. Goes a long way.

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