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i called pdl and ask to send me by mail the validation of the loan and the license for the to lend she said she can send by mail because is online loan but i can check it online, why is tah?

Why did you request a validation from the OC, usually validation applies on a 3rd party collector. :? Could you please explain a little more, I'm not understanding what you mean. :)

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Pay day Loans are not legal in MA. Yes, you can get a validation letter from the pdl, if infat they can validate, which in this case they can not. I had the same thing with some of my illegal loans. As soon as I asked the lender for validation, they never bothered me again. They can not send it to you, because they dont have it to send.

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You can ask for about anything, but the FDCP doesn't apply to them, it only applies to 3rd party collectors. But hey, whatever works !

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Validation is something that applies to collection agencies. The original creditor would not need to validate the debt.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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Hi I just called them and said I have already paid back the principal and it has come to my attention that payday loans are illegal in MA. She tried complaining but I said I needed to speak with a supervisor. Connected to Craig who said if that's true I should fax them an article or something saying so and he'll give it to the manager and they'll mark my account as PIF. Faxing it tomorrow. Got some good info and sending these 2 links, should be sufficient:

thanks all for your help. A bunch of them actually owe me a refund. Do you think I would have nay hope of getting SOMETHING back by contacting them, or contacting the attorney general?

links removed - they do not work, and links are against tos. Goudah

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