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I know these people go by a million names. I have 2 loans out with them. One was a total of $550 ($400 principal and $150 finance) and $130 ($100 principal and $30 finance). Just talked to them and set up paying the $130 by next Friday and the supervisor said we can work on the $550 over Sept., Oct and Nov.

Again, do I want to pay these. HECK NO. But they are legal and I live in the state of PA so I HAVE to pay them.

Of my 13 PDL's, I feel I making some progress.

Oh, after this call I had a call from the wonderful scam artist from US National Bank again. I almost fell for that a couple of weeks ago. I asked the Pakistani gentleman by the name of Mike Johnson how he can look at himself in the mirror in the morning and I hope he had a forgiving God or he surely is going to hell........



I have a loan with Loan Shop for 345 total...are they easy to work with? I haven't called them back and it's been a few weeks since they called me.

also, how are you paying them? I would hate to give out my new bank info.

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I don't give them the option of getting my new account info. I told him the only way I would pay was Moneygram, Western Union or a money order. He said Moneygram was fine. The guy I spoke to was nice. I called him back immediately after he left a message and he did state that since I called back and seem wanting to pay, he'll work with me.

This sucks doesn't it........ I wish I was a millionaire so I could pay all off and be done with it. Dreams!!!!!!!


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dlsbrs dlsbrs

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I know how you feel! I have 6 pdl's and i'm hoping to pay one off a month! Ugh! I will never fall under this trap again.

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Loan shop seems to be pretty easy to work with. I sent them the letter that was posted on this site. Within a day I got a response that my account was PIF and closed! Here is the email address i used. [email][/e mail]. I got a reply rather quickly! Good luck!

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i just talked to loan shop and they wouldn't let me pay anyway but my bank account...grrr! I do check my account daily so I will know if any fishy activity goes on! Ugh!

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