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is Plain green loans illegal in the state of Texas? The loan was $700.00. I have paid a total of $570.81 I was advised that is was illegal and should close my account and only pay the principal which leaves a balance of $129.19. Has anyone had any dealings with this company? I do know that there are only three on line payday loans legal and licensed in the state of Texas and those are:, and you can go on line to and it will give you the legal online payday loans for each state, not only that it gives you the max amount of the loan and the max they can charge for finance

Plain Green is illegal in most of the state of US. So you are bound to pay only the principal amount. Close your bank account asap to stop unauthorized withdrawal. Close your bank account immediately. You will be happy to know that illegal lenders won???t be able to take any legal action against you. Look at this page to know about how to tackle illegal lenders: th-illegallenders.html

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Tyler Tyler

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Plain Green is an illegal tribal lender. Contact them, state your intent of paying the remainder of the principal balance and send them a cease and desist letter once you are done paying. If they try to threaten or harass you, file complaints with the AG and the FTC.

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NathanielCopeland NathanielCopeland

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I had 2 loans through plain green in PA. I followed the directions on how to deal with payday lenders. I told them that they are an illegal tribal lender in my state and that I would no longer be paying the rates that they charge. Chances are you've already paid more than the 700$ principal. Look at your bank account and see how much has been paid TOTAL so far. If the amount you've paid is GREATER than 700$ tell them that you want this loan to be considered paid in full and that you are no longer authorizing them to debit your account. Be insistent.

I had two loans of 8 and 900 dollars and paid a total of 2400+ dollars for the 800 dollar loan alone. I had a 870$ balance on my second loan when I found this site. Once I sent CS an email stating what i said above they closed my account and considered it paid in full. They haven't debited my account since and my account is closed.

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I think that's great that they closed your account. I sent them my letter last October, stating the reasons and such. I also, included in the letter, that I would pay for the principal, so from what I have already paid, I owed only 53.06 in principal ( I listed all payment amounts, dates, etc, such as a ledger would show a account transactions over the months). After I sent my letter, which stated I also did state I am not allowed personal calls at work and email is the best way of communications with me. Since then they had tried calling me at work a couple times in the week after they had tried to take another payment, I then sent another email I am not allowed personal calls at work. Which is the absolute truth, they called my work, but they won't put the calls through, they will only inform us who called. I have not heard anything since.

Now 6 months later I have received a letter and phone calls from a Collection Agency(National Credit Adjusters - NCA) that states that they have purchased this from Plain Green (well they actually say for the amount of $1672.75!!!!! Now what, I have checked in the agency, and they are legit, they have legitimately purchased this account from Plain Green - now that a real, legit, company, that is in compliance with all rules and regulations, has this account what do I do????

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I Forgot to mention that I live in Minnesota, if that helps at all.

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