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I have 4 payday loans obtained on the internet from Indian Reservations. American Web Loan, Spotloan, Rushmore, and vbs ready set go. I am correct in saying, that they are illegal in Michigan if they do not have a store front. I have paid at least the principle back and then they have overdrawn my account many times trying to get their payments. How can i stop the nonsense.

You can stop this nonsense in various ways:

1. Visit your bank and complete the necessary formalities for revoking the ACH authorization
2. Send a letter to the payday loan companies and inform you won't pay a dime henceforth
3. Ask for a refund in the letter because they are illegal. Threaten to file a official complaint against them if they don't give you a refund.

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David Martin David Martin

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Thank You David Martin, You are a GODSEND!

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