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Michigan $2,500 in debt need consolidation advise

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Can someone please tell me of a company that will give me a guaranteed consolidation loan ? I live in Michigan and have about $2500 in debit

I am paying off on 2 bank loans.
2 credit cards
1 snap finance loan

I feel overwhelemd and just want to give one company a monthly payment.
Please help I would be so grateful.

I just don't know where to start.

If your prime objective is to repay debt just by giving a company a monthly payment, you can opt for a consolidation program. After enrolling in this program, you have to pay a payment to the consolidation company, and they offer compete professional guidance.
You can also take out a consolidation loan and repay your existing debt amount. You can check out:

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Are you sure you can make the monthly payments on your new consolidation loan? Do you have a steady income right now? I think, you should consult your financial situation with a credit counselor. Go online to find a credit counseling agency to get the best help. The counselor can guide you the best rememdy. You can also get budgeting tip and personal financial tips to stay out of further debts.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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I do have a 40 hour a week job making $11.40 an hour and I still feel overwhelmed

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John Warwick John Warwick

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This is bit less but you can always opt for settling your debts. Also, you can try to earn more by doing some part-time jobs.
As you asked for a company to do so, you can opt for a company to opt or either consolidation or settlement.

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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Consolidation program is good when it helps to lower your monthly payments. So everything depends on the consolidation company you hire. Plus, you have to pay a fee to the consolidation company. Can you afford that? So calculate your expenses first.

The other option is to settle your credit cards. Do you have a good negotiation skill? If you have, then settle your cards yourself. A settlement company will again charge a fee for negotiating with creditors.

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