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Hello - i have 3 payday loans that I took out intending to repay, they are not large 1500, 850, and 600. The problem is that I have had some set backs and cannot make the payments which total half my paycheck twice a month. I have seen posts that say not all tribal loans are legal in all state, how do I find out if mine - One Click Cash & Amplify Funding - are legal? (the 3rd is thru Advance America which I assume is legal as it has a brick and mortar location in the state of Michigan).

I have made arrangements with AA but am a bit afraid to call the other 2.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Tribal loans are usually illegal, so you're supposed to pay just the principal amount. Moreover, as per pdl laws in Michigan, maximum loan amount you can borrow is $600.
So, for the tribal loans, do not pay a cent extra than the principal amount.
About the Advance America loan, try to pay it off asap so that you don't have to make extra interest payments.
Hope that helps you Nancy!

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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Who said tribal loans are legal? See, tribal lenders can frighten you by telling many misleading words. Don't trust them. Just follow the key rule. If the lender is not legal, then you are liable to pay only the principal amount. Just ignore the interest rate.
If the payday loan lender is legal, then pay the principal amount within the stipulated time. If you fail to repay the amount within time, then you have to pay the principal amount with interest.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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