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ladder credit tribal installment loan

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i am searching for information regarding miinans funds aka ladder credit,
I am having a real problem with these people. they are in WI and i am in California . I am confused because
the state of California says that tribal loans are not allowed in California because the Indians just try to hide behind the Tribal Sovereign thing and then stick it to the consumers with high interest fees.etc
California Supreme Court Declines to Extend Tribal Sovereign Immunity to Payday Lending Businesses. ... The decision found that certain tribal business entities that provided loans in California are not "arms of the tribe" entitled to immunity from California state law regulating payday loans.Jan 10, 2017.

So how are they able to be online offering these loans to Californians? Anybody know? I have already changed my banking institution but they are screwing up my credit and i do now know what to do about it. They are reporting the loan late every 30 days . I only borrowed 300.00 and i paid back the principal and then some. They want me to give them 800.00 to close out this loan. so how do i get these people off my back?

Honestly speaking, it's tough to get these people off your back. Most tribal lenders are offering loans online illegally. They don't follow the state rules at all. Dispute the account with the credit bureau or you can do another thing. You can send a letter to ladder and ask for a refund. Threaten to take the matters to the state attorney general if they remove your account from your credit report.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Dispute the account with 3 major credit bureaus. If they still disturb you, make a complaint to your state's attorney general.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Dispute the account with 3 major credit bureaus and stop them hurting your credit. That's the first thing to do. Meanwhile send a letter to ladder and ask for a refund. Also, tell them you'll take the matter to the state attorney general if they don't remove your account from the credit report.

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