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Hi need help in determining if these lenders are legal or illegal in Texas.

State you reside in-

Name of PDL companies--
better cash aka money lion

Amount borrowed and paid on each-
2000 and paid 2250
1000 and paid 1200
800 and paid 900
750 and paid 900
750 and paid 900

Thank you!

Moneykey - CSO (legal)
Spotloan - Illegal
Checkintocash - Licensed Credit Access Business (CAB)
Advance,cash - Tribal. Illegal.

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better cash aka money lion - illegal
Money key - illegal lender, licensed as a Credit Services Organization (CSO) and Credit Access Business (CAB) in the states Ohio and Texas
Spotloan - illegal lender
Checkintocash -
Advance.Cash - illegal lender

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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Can someone show me where moneylion is illegal? I was under the impression they were a CSO/CAB in Texas which makes them legal. I had an issue come up with them on old loans. They say I defaulted on loans prior to the one I just paid off. They say there was a system glitch and they didn't take the payments out. Checked the account and low and behold they didn't. But now they are trying to collect. Just wondering my options with them.

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Thanks everyone! I'm wondering the same about Moneylion as well because I live in Texas and i thought that CSO/CAB makes them legal in Texas also, that they just have to offer an extended payment plan to pay it off.

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Kerry Wilson Kerry Wilson

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