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debt consolidation including payday loans

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I have considerable debt including a lot of payday loans. Most of it has been accumulated paying off the payday loans. I had a bankruptcy, so that's not an options. I really would like to pay things off. I think debt consolidation is the best way to go. I can't get a loan because my credit is shot because of the bankruptcy, so far I'm not behind on anything. I've investigated all but one seems to be licensed in Utah. Can someone please just recommend a reputable company that is licensed in Utah that handles payday loan debt?

As per your information, only one lender is legal in Utah. Can you tell us how much do you owe to the lender? If the amount is not very high, then there is no need to enroll into a debt consolidation program. Have you paid back the principal amount to the illegal lenders?

You can get a list of debt relief companies from this page: g/

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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You do NOT want to include your illegal loans in any debt management plan...these plans cost money, and there is no way you should have to pay a fee to pay an illegal debt. Pay them as you can,

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I meant they are all legal.

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jenwithgun jenwithgun

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I contacted the illegal payday loan place today and asked for an address I could make a cash pmt. The said they didn't have one it would have to be done through ach or by card. I asked if they were lic in Ut. He said no, but they were lic on the world wide web where I applied for the loan. I told him unfortunately Utah doesn't recognize World wide web licenses. I told him access to my account is revoked and I would like the last pmt of interest applied to the principal. He told me he was going to turn me over to collections. On an illegal loan? Good luck with that. I found a very reputable debt consolidation company I feel they are very fair. They don't have a lot of experience with payday loans, so we are both learning as we go. I put in a call to the State Att. General's office today. Waiting to get a call back.
I contacted CashnetUsa and told them I revoked their access to my checking account. They said I couldn't do that, so I emailed them so it would be in writing. I also made sure they had my contact info and told them not to call me at work or to call my references or work.
My bank is being good to work with. They said they would cancel all the ach accounts i needed, but they are going to charge me $15 per account for 10 accounts. I've been a member since 12/94. They said they would try to waive some of the charges and if something is taken out they will reverse it.
Cash central was great. I sent them an email revoking the ach they said great. Here is our address for cash pmts have your debt consolidation company get in touch with us.
I'm just concerned that now they know my plan they will try to take the money out of my account before I can get to the bank to close my accounts. :-?

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jenwithgun jenwithgun

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