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I have contacted mte, even though i was given a different number and then another number. Now i guess my loan is with Instantcashusa. I asked for the website info and they told me my name and password and i was not able to fiew my contract, I was on the phone at the time i was looking it up and she didnt know what to say. I asked her what the name was and why my bank acct shows MTE, she said its because they bought them out and she admitted they are affiliated with other companies.
Not sure what is going on.
Would anyone have the address information for this company that is legit, i would like to contact bbb on this also.
thank you

Instantcashusa is another one of MTE's DBA's. If you look on the it will give an address for them and MTE's name is right above it.

MTE Financial Services
Instant Cash USA
320 N Academy Ste 103
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

They also list this as an additional address which is the same for MTE

Additional Addresses
515 G Southeast
Miami, OK 74355

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PinkLady PinkLady
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I have 2 loans, Paycheck today and Cash Advance Network where MTE is listed on the loan documents.

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lilly863 lilly863

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Yep, both of those are defiantly DBA's of MTE. They both have the same address listed on of MTE.

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PinkLady PinkLady
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I got a call back this morning about my acct. and she couldnt explain to me why i couldnt see my contract!! I also asked about mte and she got huffy and said Why would you call them, you dont have aloan with them. Oh did that top the cake. I said thats whats taken out of my acct is MTE. Oh well uh, we switched over in beginning of july and my loan was in end of july. I told her she didnt have to be rude about it.
Anyway now im trying to call and it keeps hanging up me, any suggestions, or am i screwed!! I already filed through BBB thats probably my problem!!
any other suggestions
thank you,

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sorry last post was me wendylynn93 i thought i was logged so i was a guest

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wendylynn93 wendylynn93

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