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I live in Md and have just been contacted by A.S. & Asso. about the loan I have with Natl Money Store for 350.00 The lady who called me says she needs a physical address to send a summons for check fraud I felt like they were threatening me or maybe trying to intimidate me about bringing me up on check charges/being a criminal.

I stated PDLare illegal in MD and I was not worried about a summons because I never hand signed any docs they were all done electronically..She said if I do not pay back they will serve me with a summons.
She is going to call me back later today and I WANTED SOME HELP BEFORE SHE CALLS

Glad you didn't panic! I've heard a lot of internet loan companies use words like "fraud" and my favorite...."downloaded"...(whatever that's supposed to mean) in order to intimidate you into paying. Do you know how much you've already paid? Since these loans sound like they are illegal in your state, you are only obligated to pay back the principal amount...and if your situation is anything like so many on this've already paid well and beyond that amount.
She is blowing major smoke in your direction...don't fall for it. Stick to your guns. She's not a "real" attorney and she isn't a will not go to a jail and people won't show up to take you away. End of story :)

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I've dealt with A.S.&Associates- (Greg Patton) when they call you need to tell them to send you something in writing. I promise they wont do it. Once you tell them that I'm sure she will get all defensive and tell you she dont have to. You tell her that without proof of validation of the debt then you are not paying them a DIME! I told Greg Patton that on the phone and also send a cease and desist letter to them. I havent heard a word from them. Dont worry nothing is going to happen to you. It is a scare tactic. If you need any help sending the letters let me know......

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Tweety71 Tweety71

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listen to tweedy,they are not going to a thing.except call and try to frighten the money out of not send anything but the letters tweedy described.oh,and not to scare,but if they were going to serve you they wouldn't call in advance like that.most illegal.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I told her to call me at 4 today, so i could gather some facts ahead of time, I also asked her to fax me stuff and she said that if I did not comply I would get pleanty of paper work. So i am expecting her call anytime, what concerns me the most is this talk about summons and court and check fraud. I didnt give them a blank check. They are still trying to debit my account that I put a hard freeze on back in 1st of June. They keep hitting it with different amounts . I also told her that PDL's are illegal in MD, AND SHE SAID i DIDNT GET THE LOAN IN MD, i got it where NATL Money store is located. So i asked for physical address for them and she would not give it to me. But that they were legal in Natl Money Stores location.
Well I guess she will be calling any minute so i better get my ducks in a row..I am a bit nervous about all this..
Keep me close to your hearts!!!...

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sjh7655 sjh7655

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you tell her you are not paying jack without written notification.
they are illegal in MD and that's what destresses me
when good people are so convinced.this idiotic woman will be calling you in the morning,i guarantee it.just know you didn't do a thing wrong,they are acting illegaly by telling you what she told you.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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