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Geneva Roth/Loan Point - Have they worked with anyone?

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Hello, it's been awhile since I wrote on this particular board. back in maybe March/April, I was overwhelmed with several loans. With the help of this wonderful board, I have settled with most. The only one left is Geneva Roth. I have taken many loans out with them in the past. (They said since 2006). I have paid thousands in illegal fees. The last loan I took out was for $500 and I have not paid anything on it because I than shut down my bank accounts. I live in NJ and it is my understanding that these loans are prohibited. I am more than willing to make arrangements paying the principal but in payments, since I'm poor. (lol, really I'm having huge money problems). They call once in awhile, I sent out complaints to the BBB, FTC, and my state's attorney general. They kinda dissapeared for awhile than I recieved a call at my work phone. I told her not to call me here and hung up. Than I forwarded the letters again to them. She left a msg on my home phone (which i checked when I got home from work an hour or so ago) and asked if my company would like me using their email?
I called her back and remained calm (a first for me to those who have seen my posts on the other boards!) She was acting funny, kept saying my name. She kept going on about how I am using my company's computer to apply for loans (which isn't even true! I only forwarded the letter to her because I happened to have it on a disk I carry in my purse.)
She said I owe $950 (bull, because the loan was for $500!) she said they are in fact legal and that they will pursue. To be honest, I doubt they will but am scared of what they will try to do.
I cannot afford to get in trouble at work for using this email one time (i'm paranoid to even post this message because I'm scared the evil company is reading this!)
She offered a $300 settlement that is only good for today, payable by credit card. I would have loved to have settled to get it good and over with but I don't have $300.
To be real honest, my entire paycheck is going to my landlord because I am three weeks late with rent. I have no money for food, gas, car payments.. today, for example I am trying to sell jewerly for a $66 electric bill. I have a second job that starts in August and things will be easier than (I lost my last second job because the store I worked at let people go because they were losing money with the bad economy). Everyday I do nothing but cry and pray. I borrowed money from family to settle with Capital One and cannot ask them again.
What can I do to make arrangements? I am not trying to cheat anyone. I have taken maybe about 50 payday loans in the past (maybe more?) and have paid every single crazy fee because I thought it was right. Than I found out they weren't legal and am tyring to still make things right by paying towards the principal.
She said she won't give me a physical address (though i do have one from reporting them to the BBB), she said I cannot ditact to them how to pay this loan. She said I have taken so many out that I know how this is done. She said they will do everything they can to get the $950 from me. She said I was marked down a refusual. Than she once again mentioned the email thing. Seriously, how can I work with them? I tried to get their ACH Processor from my bank, but I closed the account so long ago that they said they cannot help me. I really am scared, I'm actually going to start counseling because my debt has got me feeling so low. I just want to make things right and pay it down. But I can only afford to pay little at a time. Can someone please offer me advice?

Does anyone have any advice? I'm a bit more calm now, just really scared of what they might try to do with my employer. I don't see how their illgeal loans has anything to do with the other or why they just won't let me make payments? What's ironic is that if I sent in little payments starting in April, the prinicpal would have been paid now.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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Does anyone have any advice or insight?? I have settled with companies before, thanks to this wonderful, caring board but cannot find a way to make them working with me. I know they are prohibited in NJ but they keep saying they????????re legal and won????????t back down. I am sending follow-up reports the the FTC, AG and BBB (even though the BBB doesn????????t work because Geneva keeps saying they????????re legal and I owe them $950!) I have paid this company thousands in illegal fees and I just want to make payments towards the principal. What can I do?

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bea2ls bea2ls
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I filed a complaint yesterday with the State of Utah. I am also following up with my state. They also are saying I owe them. but they really never said how much, only a large sum. Yesterday I spent most of my day on the phone with one of their reps. He really did not get too crazy with me, but when ever I asked him for copies of the original contract and the mystery last extension and email saying I would pay them more money he tired to avoid it by just saying since we can not come to an agreement then I will have to send this further to collections and you will be contacted by them.

You see I have from them a BBB response saying my account was marked paid in full and an email saying my balance would be cleared. he told me that the email from them was supposed to mean I needed to pay them another $390 and my account would be closed.

I personally do not care what the email was meant to say. It didn't say it, and I didn't agree to pay more. If they are stupid enough to send me to collections then I say let them. I have copies of everything. I will go to court. They have to come here. And they are not licensed here. My state says you need to be licensed here regardless if you operate on the internet or in another state. They will be fined. Not my problem.

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srjanes srjanes

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Thanks for the insight - i'm feeling the same way.. pdls are prohibited in NJ (no matter what they say!) and i doubt they'd ever take me to court.. i just wish they didn't have my work number, stuff like that. I'm still looking for their ACH processor, i'm sure they'd be interested in all this?

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bea2ls bea2ls
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PDL's are prohibited in CT where I live, I was finally able to settle with Geneva Roth through the BBB, we went back & forth several times & they tried to get me to pay more money, but finally marked me a paid in full becuase I was such a "good" customer

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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Oh.. so they play the good customer route,lol. these places are so predictable! They know they're wrong.. if I really owe $950 they would never settle for $300!! (Capital One made me settle for $400 on a $600 bill, for instance..) I guess I will keep going at them, I didn't plan on backing down or anything ;)

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Is a geneva roth internet loan liscened in IL?

Sub: #7 posted on Fri, 07/18/2008 - 14:53

Lukeskywalker Lukeskywalker

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no luke,they are not licensed in IL.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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thank you paulmergel

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Lukeskywalker Lukeskywalker

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my pleasure luke. :D 8)

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paulmergel paulmergel
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