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can pay day loan collectors put a warrant out for your arrest in the state of oklahoma for fraud/theft for not paying back the loan?

According to the pld laws there:
Collection Limits:
Collection Fees: $25 NSF fee (if disclosed) unless dishonored due to theft or forgery
Criminal Action: Prohibited

What pdl's are you asking about? Internet or store front?

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Nope, they can't put a warrant out for your arrest, they are trying to intimidate you with false information. Please list the following information so we can help you.
-Names of each pdl company.
-Whether they are store front or Internet.
-How much you borrowed.
-How much you paid so far.
-The state in which you reside.
I'm sorry to tell you this, but there is only one sure way to stop the withdrawals, and that is to close your account. If that isn't an option, then tell the bank to put a hard debit block on your account. Before you close your account, read this information at the link below. ount.html

Please do not let any of these pdl's know you are going to close your account, until AFTER you have done it!

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doe this mean that if it goes to a collection agecy and they threaten civil action all they can get is 25?

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NO! the $25 is for each NSF. If they take you to civil court you will be required to pay what ever amount set forth by the judge. And probably all court costs.

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fatcat fatcat

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so in discovery they have to prove by documentation how much they paid for the debt.....since this has gone to collections? I asked for a validation of debt and they never sent it. I have the paid in full reciept but they are still harrasing me and i sent a copy to them. today got a call from a local agency AND it is now past SOL

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I would contact the Oklahoma attorney general and file a complaint. If you have a reciept marked paid in full they are harassing you for no reason.

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