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Ok since last Friday July 25, I have faxed 3 times, sent 2 faxes, and letters to both these companies revoking ACH and wage assigments...I got automated receipts in my email that my letter was received and would be reviewed within 24 hrs. Now I am getting emails saying I need to contact them because I have not and i have missed payments with their company. Why wont they bother to write me back??? Should I call them..I really dont feel like calling and being harassed

I never could get One Click to respond to my emails. When I called them, it was pretty much a waste of time. Once the BBB got involved, they responded to the BBB with a nasty little ditty of how I had the opportunity to print my loan agreement they sent, AND that they sent me an account summary before every payment was due. I ripped them right back and told them they NEVER sent me an email about ANYTHING, and I couldn't get them to respond to repeated emails when I wanted them to. It was a fiasco. They advised the BBB they will write off my remaining balance (after I paid $940 on a $400 loan). I explained I did not want it "written off" that I wanted them to indicate it was "paid in full" as well. They haven't responded to that request yet.

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