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Online PDL help needed from Michigan

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Hello everyone, I have found so much great information on this site. I am just trying to set the right course, with the right information. As of right now, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through until my next paycheck and I just got paid today. My goal is to get some type of refund and apply as much of that money towards this as I can afford.

I found a template for writing a letter, but it was difficult to understand/read. Is there one available for a Michigan request?

Thanks in advance for your help! It’s greatly appreciated.

My situation:
I have 8 OPEN Online PDL loans

4/01/08 Geneva Roth Company (AKA GRC Funding)
Amount Borrowed: $300
Amount Paid: $960 (8 x 120)

4/09/08 Payday2Go
Amount Borrowed: $300
Amount Paid: $525 (7 x 75)

4/15/08 UnitedCashLoans
Amount Borrowed: $300
Amount Paid: $640 (4 x 90) (2 x (90+50))

4/17/08 Impact Cash
Amount Borrowed: $300
Amount Paid: $550 (3 x 90) (2 x (90+50))

6/06/08 Nevis Marketing
Amount Borrowed: $300
Amount Paid: $270 (3 x 90)

6/23/08 ameriloan
Amount Borrowed: $350
Amount Paid: $315 (3 x 105)

7/11/08 B & L Marketing
Amount Borrowed: $250
Amount Paid: $0

7/16/08 Total Lending
Amount Borrowed: $250
Amount Paid: $0

Hi acoch,
Welcome to the forum, hang tight and someone will along to assist you, everyone here is very knowledgeable about pdl's...depending on your state law's and whether the companies are legal, it looks like you over paid a few & you may owe a few...the first step would be to close your checking account to make sure they can't get any more of you money...there is a sticky at the top of the fourm regarding this...once that is set someone will be able to help you with a letter to send to the companies. You will also need to file complaints with the BBB and attorney general.

I can tell you from my own personal experience, I had way overpaid Geneva Roth, once I defaulted with them, they tried to put a papercheck through my account, I was able to reverse it & get my funds back, but it was annoying. I went back & forth with them through the BBB & they finally marked my account as paid in full. United Cash Loans & ameriloan tried the same thing, but I settled with them for the actual amount I owed. I have no experience with the other companies, but I'm sure someone here will.

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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I've been here as well:

And believe i have overpaid on 4 of 8 loans

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acoch acoch

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You have overpaid on 4 of those loans, and on 2 you are almost done. You need to follow the advice here. Every one is very helpful. I also am from Michigan had just as many loans as you. Close your bank account and open a new one at another bank to protect your money. Start mailing letters. Also for the 2 that you have not paid anything on you should try to may some kind of arrangements. Michigan states they have to offer a repayment agreement for what you owe them, the balance owed and the fee for the loan per Michigan's lending statue.

I only had 2 of the same loans as you. ameriloan and Geneva. Ameriloan was taken care of easy. Geneva is another story. I has overpaid both. Keep copies of everything to mail, fax, email, and a log of phone conversations if you have any.

I was so scared, but now I am so happy I found this site.

Make sure you file complaints with the BBB and Michigan Attorney General's office. This can be done online. Also take the time to find out where theeses companies are, and file complaints with their state as well.

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srjanes srjanes

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Sorry, having trouble logging back in. Waiting on my password to be resent.

Anyway, i wanted to follow up with an update. I sent emails to the 4 PDL that i have overpaid on as of late Friday afternoon. I requested PIF status, and account closure citing Michigan PDL laws i found using this site.

This is the one response i recieved so far:

"We are very sorry to hear that you have not been satisfied with your experience with #$%^^&$#$. I have reviewed your account and we are willing to consider your account paid in full. We have marked your account as settled. Please let me know if you have any questions."

Should i expect something in writing? I did request it in my original email, but was not sure what i should expect.

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i would shoot an email to whoever that is and basically say
you want a PIF in writing someway.either by email or snail mail.
otherwise it looks great,but get the PIF in writing.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I just filled out complaint forms for the michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth for the 3 unsettled firms i've overpaid with. I scanned/emailed each form with the email address for each PDL site. Hopefully that gets their attention.

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Paul, thanks for the comments. I have requested a written PIF. I will post any response i recieve.

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Just filed complaints with the BBB for 3/4 of the PDL accounts i have overpaid on. I will file complaints with Michigan Department of Labor and BBB for the 4th if they decide not to honor a PIF and refund for the overage.

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It looks like my email to the Michigan Department of Labor w/completed complaint form attachment (cc: to PDL lender) has triggered a response from one of the other lenders. They have requested that i call them to discuss my loan. Any suggestions? What should i expect when i return their call? Thanks!

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