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I have been reading the forums for a while, but I am still not sure if all my Payday lenders are illegal or not. If I am reading right, all internet payday loans are illegal in Virgina, is that right? What about installment loans? I have one installment loan with and also a line of credit with CashNetUSA, Is CashNetUSA legal? Anyway, I am over my head and going crazy. Tomorrow I am going to close my bank account and I am sick to my stomach with the thought of all the collection calls I am going to get and really scared that these companies will call my job. I work for a huge company where most of the higher ups would not know me (or care) at all.
These are the companies I have loans with now:
CashNetUSA - 850
netcredit 8/23 1600
CashCall - $2600 originally, now owe $265 because I borrowed money from SpringLeaf Financial to pay off, but not quite enough
National Payday Loan 9/28 400
Cash Advance Network - 9/24 300
Magnum 10/18 350
CashTaxi 11/14 275
Your Fast Payday 11/14 400.

I want to pay back all the principle I borrowed, but I can't pay them all at the same time.
I also would login, except that it shows my name and I don't it to.

CashNetUSA is a CSO so you can just call them and ask for the EPP. It will split up your balance over 4-5 payments and the interest is going to be frozen. That should be of some help.

NetCredit seems to be a bit shady. We will need to do some more research on them to be sure if they are illegal.

Did you borrow originally from CashCall or was the loan originated by Western Sky?

Cash Advance Network looks like a front for MTE Financial. Looks like they are illegal.

Magnum, Cash Taxi and Your Fast Payday are all entirely illegal.

You should follow this link and learn how to deal with the illegal lenders. th-illegallenders.html

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Steve Barris Steve Barris

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I checked my paperwork and the CashCall was actually signed with Western Sky.
I have closed my bank account and opened a new one. I will not pay any PayDay lenders from my new bank account.
I have not sent the ACH revoke letters yet because I know that they will start calling immediately and want to wait until after Thanksgiving to do that. I am sure they will start calling on Friday anyway when their ACH's don't go through. I am a nervous wreck knowing I have to deal with this. Never again.

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thria thria

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Remember it will get better, you can always block their numbers.... You made sure that the new account is not linked to the old.. and you will want to provide copies of the ACH revocation letters to your bank...

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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