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HELP?!? So confused and you seem to know your stuff

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I am hoping you could help me get some better answers. I see you post a lot and you seem to know what you are talking about. I have multiple online loans, some are considered PDL's and some are CSOs. Most of them are either registered or licensed in my state, which is Ohio. So I know I won't get much help there. My question lies with Plain Green Loans, which shows up in my checking account as Credit PGL LLC. I have looked both names up on my states lookup site. The search does not bring up any information. When I use this site it does bring up some of my other lenders. My biggest concern is that PGL is telling me that because they are a tribal lender, they can sue me in their tribal courts and win a wage garnishment against me. Is this really possible? Thank you in advance for your insight with this matter. Thanks- Nikki

No, They can't do that. They are trying to scare you. Stick to your decision and don't pay an extra penny.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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There is an option called EPP where the interest rate gets frozen to help you pay off the debt. You can try it to pay off your legal payday loans.

Plain Green is a tribal lender. They can't sue you or garnish your wage.

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Hi Nikki,
As SC said earlier, EPP or Extended Payment Plan can help you to payback a loan over a period of additional weeks. However, if you default on the EPP, the lender may charge an EPP fee and accelerate payment on the balance remaining.
Plain Green is a tribal lender. So, they can;t sue you.

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