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I'm in a payday loan trap - Please help

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I'm in a payday loan trap. I'm scared and I don't know what to do. I'm young and wasn't making good money so I took out one payday loan and to pay that one off I had to get another open. It was a trickle down effect. I'm just so terrified and I know that I can't afford them by the next pay period, it's just to much at once and it's starting to freak me out! Please tell me how this works and help me.

Wait! Please don't panic. But you did a terrible mistake. You shouldn't have taken out so many payday loans. Can you please list your payday loans? I can check and let you know if they are legal or illegal. In case of illegal payday loans, all you need to do is pay off the principal amount. That's it. As far as legal payday loans are concerned, you can always settle or consolidate them. That option is always there.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Please mention the names of the payday lenders to know whether or not they legal or illegal lenders.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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If you can come up with more details it will be easier for us to suggest you some ways. Tell us everything you know about these payday loan lenders. Also, mention your loan amount and how much you have to pay now...

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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