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Has anyone had luck revoking wage assignments from PDLs

I can only speak for myself, I revoked all wage assignments, and gave a copy of the letter to my employer. They tried anyway, didn't get far though. So yes, if you're asking did it work, yes it stopped them from getting my wages, because my employer had a copy of my wage assignment revocation letter, therefore was bound by law to comply. :)

Sub: #1 posted on Fri, 05/23/2008 - 10:08

Shazzers Shazzers
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I'd bet they filed arbitration proceedings or a small claims case on you after you revoked the wage assignment. Why do you think you can borrow money, under agreed upon terms, and not pay it back? Do you really think they haven't though out your tactic? Don't you think what you should be doing is living within your means?

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OH BOY another troll to play long did it take for you to come up with what we've heard countless your proud of SCRAM TROLL.

Sub: #3 posted on Fri, 08/08/2008 - 11:07

paulmergel paulmergel
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[quote]Why do you think you can borrow money, under illegal and therefore null and void terms, and not be screwed out of every penny you have or will ever have? Do you really think they'll get away with these tactics forever?[/quote]

There ya go, trolly, fixed that for ya.

So which of these companies do you work for?

Sub: #4 posted on Fri, 08/08/2008 - 11:11

drburr drburr

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I did the same, and gave my employer a copy. Fortunately our payroll guy was pretty knowledgeable. I'm not sure if anyone every actually tried to push anything through though, I think he would have told me. But wage assignments have a lot of technicalities that most PDLs don't follow (ie signed by you in person, 20 day notification, separate document, etc), so there best hope is that your employer is stupid enough to run things like that through their legal department.

Sub: #5 posted on Fri, 08/08/2008 - 11:27

mppsu2003 mppsu2003

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Paul & DR...rofl!!! :)

Sub: #6 posted on Fri, 08/08/2008 - 11:29

desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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LOL That was great!!!!

And I'll bet they DIDN'T file in small claims court. I think I would PAY to see an illegal pdl take someone to court! LOL

Sub: #7 posted on Fri, 08/08/2008 - 12:11

lauramw71 lauramw71

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