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I took out a Plain Green Loan of $1000. I have made a couple payments but defaulted on the loan and it was sent to
Northwood Asset Management
3901 Genesee St., Suite 200
Cheektowga, NY 14225
Debtor Line: (855) 677-4497

Not only have I have been getting calls daily from a Jason Lewis, but my parents as well as my job. It's almost to the point of harassment saying that legal action will take place etc. He claims I owe 3000 to close the loan but I could make a one-time payment of 2500 to close it.

I have heard these loans are not legal in Florida and I should just pay the principal back. Is this still true being that it has been sent to Northwood Asset Management? How do I go about settling this?

Also, would i pay the rest of the principal to the northwood company or plain green?

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cammilner cammilner

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well first i would file an AG( attorney general) complaint against northwood asap.northwood is a bottomfeeder that collects on illegal pdl's, and violates the law in doing so.calling your job after told not to,and i assume you,and/or your boss told them to stop.that is a violation of the what was the amount taken for the two payments?that gets deducted from the principle which is all you owe.btw do not pay another dime until the original lender agrees to you paying the leftover principle.file the AG complaint with the address you have,and ignore/hang up on this jason lewis.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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