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Hello everyone!

I reside in Florida and just discovered that Plain Green Loans is illegal in my state. I am going to my bank to have my account closed and changed. I have been paying on the loan for a year now and was wondering if there was anything I can do if the amount I paid back already equals more than the actual loan I took (since I legally only need to pay back the amount borrowed.

Also, what do I say to Plain Green when I contact them?

Thanks for all your help, thanks to this site I learned about my loan being illegal. I look forward to getting the help in this matter!

You can send them a mail and ask for refund, but the chances are really very less. Several illegal payday loan lenders don't have a valid physical address. Some of them don't even have a valid email address. This makes it very difficult to communicate with them.

Practically, if the lender is offshore or tribal, no court can force them to return the money.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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If you pay off the principal amount the, stop making further payments. Also, forget about the refund. You can close the account.

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Check this url. You can get helpful information.

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You are supposed to pay only the principal amount for an illegal pdl.
There's no harm is asking for a refund. Ask politely stating the reasons and see what happens.

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