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Plain Green in Washington State

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Stumbled upon this forum while researching info about credit card skimming.It happened to me on 11/13/12 at a gas station.
Anyhow-My wife and I both had PG loans due to a very unfortunate circumstance that fell upon us.We were scattere brained and turned to Money Mutual for assistance-They directed us to Plain Green Loans.
Both of us acquired $800.00 loans.Wife has since paid back $971.60 of hers and I have repaid $369.63 towards mine.
This Forum and the information provided by all empowered us to attack PG back and get out from their Money grubbing grasp.
I spent all day researching Washington State Payday/Cash advance laws and regulations.Reading thru a pleothra of posts and threads prior to meeting with my bank to start the process described by "SoapLady" and "OhioGal1".
The bank "Chase" initially provided me some resistance when I asked to make the checking account deposit only or Place a hard block on it.Until I informed them I have the Legal Right to request it.
I then went home and submitted very precise and descriptive letters to PG Demanding ACH Revocation and removing wage assignment-citing multiple illegal actions on there part and the legal requirements set forth by Washington State Lawmakers for payday/cash advance loans.
I then submitted claims with the BBB,Washington State DFI,Washington State AG, and the FTC for both loans we received.
I received a response early am on11/14/12 stating "they would give me the opportunity to repay the remaining principal of $430.37.
My wife received her notice the next day stating "we are sorry you are not satisfied and they reviewed the account and are willing to consider the account paid in full and will close the account.Also removing all contact information from their system."
Now I suppose only time will tell if this all goes away.But from all the negative feedback I have read on this forum alone,I don't see that they have a leg to stand on.

Great Job!! - keep us posted on the update on yours.You are in control on how you choose to pay back the principle balance on yours, both in time and amount.

Make sure you print out the one on your wife's stating paid in full.

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