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Plain green and SPP debt collector

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So plain green is a tribal company who report my debt to the trans union but I disputed it so it has since been taken off. This loan was taken 2 years ago after my cancer surgery. I have a rare cancer and will continue with management every 3 months. Medical bills and my student loans are overwhelming.

They sold my account to SPP debt collector. They have been harassing me with robocalls. They have been calling and upsetting my mother who has aggressive metastatic breast cancer and calling my friends. This went on for weeks. When I finally got fed up and called the number back to speak with a human, they claimed they are only calling my references. I never listed them as references. I never stated the debt was mine. I only asked for a letter of validation to be mailed to me. She was pushy and said she needs to email it since it’s a timely situation. I refused and asked to be mailed.

I addressed the company illegally calling me and others more than 5-10 times a day and asked if she was aware of the company being sued already for using robocalls and harassing with multiple calls.

I do owe some on the principal balance still and I’m trying to pay when I can. Can they sue me? Because she is saying I need to make a payment or set up a payment plan or they will have to proceed with legal action.

Hi Tina

You already made a post here @ aingreen-tribal... . Please keep checking back for replies

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