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i sent my web funds a email saying that payday loans are illegal in my state and i was willing to pay then back the princepal which was 300 i paid them 97.54 told them i would pay them the other 202.46 and this is the email they sent me back

We hope that you are having a great day. We also understand that per your email, you are refusing to honor the contract that you sign willingly at the time of the loan. As of this moment you are still responsible for the full amount based on the contract that you sign. If you would like to settle the account we can do so, but we would not be able to 202.46. We are willing to work and help you clear out the account in any way that we can, but we will be able to settle for 545.00. This will close completely your account and you will never have to deal with us again. Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns that you may have.

they are feeding you garbage. here is what you say back

Dear Web Funds,

Payday loans are illegal in Maine. Your contract is null and void. You have two options. Accept my offer to repay the principal, or sell me to a third party CA who I will cease and desist. Whatever is more financially beneficial for you is fine with me. Let me know.

Best Regards

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thank you i will do that and see what they say

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