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I borrowed from that back in July or August, I sent a letter with NC law that they were illegal and revoking ACH, I had already closed my account. Didn't hear a thing from them. I paid above and beyond what I owed. I don't remember what it was now, and I don't have access to my closed account.
Anyway, they contacted me last week via phone, saying I owed them money and I could pay them out at 50%, not sure how much that would be according to them, but no way am I giving them another cent.

So I resent the letter and am following up with complaints to AG, etc.

I was wondering if anyone else could get to their website, it's not working for me. Did they bail and now randomly trying to collect from me?

Welcome smlill74,

Yes, there is no pay another cent to them. The website is not working for me too,

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enjoyurlifetothefullest enjoyurlifetothefullest

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I just went to their website, works fine for me.
They've continued to call me at work despite repeatedly being told to cease and desist. I've asked for verification of the debt, and have received nothing. The emails have stopped. Yesterday they threatened me with issuing a subpoena. Of course, they can't. They've been sent letters from NCAG telling them to cease and desist, informing them that their issuing loans to NC residents is unlawful and thusly, so is their collection activity. I spoke with the FTC via phone yesterday and was reassured that, as annoying and embarrassing as the phone calls are, it's the extent of what they can do.
After I called them yesterday and left a nasty message, I received one back, wherein she threatened to forward my voicemail to my HR so they know what kind of person they have working for them. As if my HR cares about my personal issues or about the conversations I have on my personal cell phone. Morons.
Please post any updates you get!

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cjn0506 cjn0506

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