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Had a loan with Sovereign Advance. After I found this website, I wrote all the basic letters as advised on this website in regards to illegal loans, etc. I had already paid the $400 back that I had borrowed. So I sent the letters along with the cease and desist letters, and the stop ACH letter. tI did no good, for the next 2 weeks they did ACH withdrawls. I finally closed my bank account, sent them letters to refund my overpayment of $250, etc or close my account. This was back in Feb/March.

This week I received 3 seperate bills from CCB credit services stating I owe Sovereign Advance money...which I am really confused on. One is for $165, one for $135 and one for $260...on a loan that was originally $400 and $650 was paid on it.

So I sent Sovereign Advance another email with all the original letters. They send a response that this is a tribal loan,etc etc..

So I responded again and this was their response...

When you signed the contract you agreed to abide by the laws of tribal nation not Ohio laws. At this time since you are refusing to pay any further I can no longer assist you and the account is out of my hands. All questions and concerns can be directed to our attorneys. Thank you and have a nice day.

From: **** [Personal information removed as per user request]
Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2013 3:13 PM
To: Chantel H.
Subject: Re: Sovereign Advance

No, tribal loans are NOT legal in OHIO...I have already written the Attorney General of OH and they sent a letter to me stating they are NOT legal in the state of OH. I also went through bankruptcy and my lawyer told me the same thing. They both told me as good faith to repay the amount i borrowed but i was not legally obligated to pay anymore. I have done this PLUS paid $250 more than the actual loan. I have all bank statements of when you debited my account. I have all emails I had sent explaining all this plus more.

PLUS~I do not live on the reservation and I am not a member of the tribe and thus I am not subject to your laws. The only laws that pertain to me are the laws of the state I reside in.

Please close my account and sent a statement this account is paid in full to myself and to CCB.

So now...advice on what to do with them and CCB

Send CCB a cease and desist letter..

Dear CCB

I hereby demand you cease and desist any and all contact with and anyone associated with me in regards to Soverign Advance, account # _________________. You are collecting on an unlicensed tribal loan with no authority to to lend in my state of Ohio.

In other works...get lost. I do not expect to hear from you again.

Govern yourself accordingly.

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