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Wage assignment costa rica - is this a licensed lender?

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I don't know how this happened. I am so embarassed.
Principal Payment
Payday One $1000 $250
MyCashNow $530 $175
Loan Point $400 $120
One Step Cash $400 $1350
Think Cash $500.00 $84.46
National Payday $360.94 $90.24
Cash Net USA $450 $77.25
Sign My Loan $400 $120
East Side Lender $500 $150
United Cash Loan $400 $120
500Fast Cah $300 $90

I am NEVER going to get out of this...HELP HELP HELP...PLEASE!!!

Niki you're doing a GREAT job so far, just keep up the good work and you will get through this fine. The letter you're sending to the illegal lenders looks like it covers about everything. I would definitely work out a payment plan with the legal lenders if I were you. :)

Sub: #31 posted on Fri, 10/03/2008 - 17:14

Shazzers Shazzers
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Thank you so much! I will let you know how it goes...everything starts next Friday....

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Emails went out TODAY. I got my first response from NATIONAL PAYDAY. They said they are legal in Costa Rica and I owe them. Is that TRUE?!
I have paid the principal many times over. Please advise.
Here is their email to me:

Thank you for the email. Since you have removed our authority to process
transactionswithin your account, there will be no electronic payment processed
at thistime.

While we understand and appreciate your comments and concern, please be
awarethat did nothing wrong when lending you funds as we are
notan Pennsylvania-based lender. All aspects and transactions with
NationalPayday.comare deemed to have taken place in our office in Costa Rica and
are under CostaRican jurisdiction, regardless of where you may be.

Again, as you have revoked authorization, your checking account will not
bedebited. However, you currently owe $451.18. No additional loan fees will be
accrued toyour total. Of course, we will be unableto grant you another loan, as
you are no longer a customer in good standing.

If you wish to settle on a payment arrangement, we are willing to discuss the

Thank you,
Support Team
National Payday

Sub: #33 posted on Mon, 10/06/2008 - 10:11

nikpop nikpop

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Nope, not true, they're illegal! If it were me, I were respond to thier email with this: "See ya in court!"

Sub: #34 posted on Mon, 10/06/2008 - 10:37

Shazzers Shazzers
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Thanks for the advice, Shazzers!
Honestly, for the first time in months, I am feeling better. By this time next year I hope to be completely debt free. This forum has been an absolutely lifeline and I want you to know how much you are appreciated!
I plan on keeping everyone posted on my process. If I help ONE other person out there, this has been worth it.

Sub: #35 posted on Mon, 10/06/2008 - 10:42

nikpop nikpop

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You're welcome! Keep up the good work, then when you are able, you can return the favor by helping other people out with your knowledge, as well as earn a few dollars while you're doing it! :)

Sub: #36 posted on Mon, 10/06/2008 - 10:44

Shazzers Shazzers
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Sure! Since I am from Pennsylvania, I can really help, since it's been so confusing.
I will let you know how it's going.... :D

Sub: #37 posted on Mon, 10/06/2008 - 10:47

nikpop nikpop

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Yes, please keep us posted!

Sub: #38 posted on Mon, 10/06/2008 - 10:47

Shazzers Shazzers
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THIS IS THE RESPONSE FROM LOAN POINT/GENEVA ROTH. I am worried about this one because I have read the HORROR stories on this site about them. Should I just pay it and get rid of them?!?! I have had this loan for over 6 months, which means I have paid them $120/bi-weekly making it $1400 paid on a $400 loan....SO STUPID!!! How should I repond?!?!

We do not make payment arrangements, you must pay your minimum payment on your scheduled due date. Since your account is closed, I suggest that your open a new account or pay off the loan by sending a Money Gram or Western Union. We do not accept payments by mail. If neither is an option, then your account will be transferred to collections? If you have any other questions or need any other assistance regarding this matter please contact customer service. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 to 5:00 pm central time.

you will need in order to make your loan payment of $520 to clear the balance on 10/10/08 If the payment is made after that date, the amount will be prorated. The service is called Moneygram and is available at every WalMart. There are other pay stations but you will need to locate them online under your city and zip code. They will ask for:

Receive code: 5846

Owner/Co Name: Capital Lending

City & State: Kansas City, KS


Once you make your payment, please call or email me with the reference number they give you so that I can notify the loan manager to show your account as paid in full. If you have any questions just call or email me.

Sub: #39 posted on Tue, 10/07/2008 - 08:01

nikpop nikpop

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That is a standard email. I eventually settled with them through the BBB. They owed me a refund of around $800, but I settled for a PIF to get rid of them.

Sub: #40 posted on Tue, 10/07/2008 - 08:13

dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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