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Wage assignment costa rica - is this a licensed lender?

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I don't know how this happened. I am so embarassed.
Principal Payment
Payday One $1000 $250
MyCashNow $530 $175
Loan Point $400 $120
One Step Cash $400 $1350
Think Cash $500.00 $84.46
National Payday $360.94 $90.24
Cash Net USA $450 $77.25
Sign My Loan $400 $120
East Side Lender $500 $150
United Cash Loan $400 $120
500Fast Cah $300 $90

I am NEVER going to get out of this...HELP HELP HELP...PLEASE!!! do I respond?! I live in PA, so they are not illegal in my state, as long as they are licensed in some state. Do I send a request for their license and state info? Do I tell them I reporting them? If they are licensed somewhere, I don't have a fight...HELP?!

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nikpop nikpop

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I believe they are licensed in UT, although I could be wrong about the state, I know they are licensed somewhere. That being the case, then unforunately they are legal and you would need to try & work out some sort of arrangement with them. Tell them that you cannot pay that much & would need to break it into lower/more payments. I'm not sure who they send their accounts to for collections, but maybe they would be easier to deal with than Geneva.

I think they settled with my because pdl's are illegal in CT period and I was such a "good" customer and had taken out so many loans with them...

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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Here is my response to the nice folks at Geneva/Loan Point/Capital or whatever...

Once again, I am asking what state your company is licensed in and a mailing address. I have paid over $1400 in fees on a $400 loan. I am trying to do what is right, but I will only pay what is legally owed and not a penny more. My original loan was with Geneva Roth, then I get emails from Loan Point and now I see a company called Capital Lending. I am confused and want to keep my records straight.
What company do I owe?
What state are they licensed in?
What is the business address?

Thank you.

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nikpop nikpop

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Response email from ONE STEP CASH

This letter is being sent in response to your communications with One Step Cash. Your interpretation of the law is invalid. It seems as though you have over looked the fact that the loan is controlled by Arizona law. Despite our position and in an effort to resolve this complaint without further escalation, we will waive the remaining balance of $520 upon receipt of documentation from the Better business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission and Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office that your complaint has been resolved. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Please sign & fax this letter to 800 616 0533.

Borrower????????s Signature__________________________________

Date ________________

One Step Cash

8100 E. Indian School Road #201

Scottsdale, AZ. 85251

So what now?! Please advise....

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nikpop nikpop

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I'm a new member, and I too have got myself in a bind with these payday lenders. I have already paid off one, I have one with STCAdvance and STCAdvance, I know for a fact they are operating outside the US, therefore, I have not paid them another cent., I thought was legit...until today. I borrowed $200 from them awhile back and I was paying the finance fee of $60 bi-weekly for almost 3 months, then I got into a bind and wasn't able to pay them anything for at least a month and a half, my bank account was closed because of STCAdvance, they were withdrawing crazy amounts 3-4 times a day!! They would not work with me period! on the other hand, was willing to work with me. They told me I could mail money orders in until I was completely paid off. At the beginning of all of this the address they gave me was in Salt Lake City, Utah, now all of a sudden the address has changed to somewhere in Costa Rica, I thought that was really odd. So now the question is, do I still pay the remaining balance or have a paid them enough considering they are possibly operating outside the US? I have paid over $200 in finance fees alone, and I have mailed a total of $150 in money orders! Sorry, to me that's just alittle extreme! If I don't have to pay them anything else, what do I tell them or send to them? Please help! lol

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ta2edgrl1984 ta2edgrl1984

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This is in response to my post above, I just received an email from Kari at I emailed her earlier asking her why the address has changed, and this is what she put:


The reason the address has changed is Our main office is in Costa Rica, and they were being forwarded from Utah. But it was taking way too long to receive the money orders so now we are having everything sent directly there. Also I received your money order email~ Thanks!

Hmmmm, interesting. Should I go ahead and make one last payment to them, or email her back and tell her I'm finished paying?

Thank you,
Kari, Collections Representative
[email]Karicollect@nationalpayday. com[/email]

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ta2edgrl1984 ta2edgrl1984

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You borrowed $200 from them and it seems that you have paid back $350+. Because they are based out of Costa Rica, they are illegal and you have overpaid thay actually owe you a refund, but it will probably be hard to get. I would request that they mark your account paid in full and be done with them. Don't send them any more money...

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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Sounds great! Thanks so much for the info!! I will email her back ASAP with the good news;)

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ta2edgrl1984 ta2edgrl1984

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was going to call this company to do debt relief to get a lower payment for my credit cards is it legal they are called Pacific Debt Inc. Help!!!! all I wanted to do was get out of debt I am in Pa.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
July 11, 2009
Toland, Bill

In a decision that could have industrywide ramifications, Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Court has ruled that outside payday firms doing business over the Web are subject to the state's lending laws even if the companies are not physically located there. Because other jurisdictions besides Pennsylvania are looking to rein in predatory lending, Rob Byer -- a lawyer representing the state -- predicted the decision will "get a lot of national play." The case involved Cash America Net, a major payday loan entity, which is licensed in Nevada and incorporated in Delaware but argued that it did not need a license to operate in Pennsylvania -- which until 2008 had allowed out-of-state Internet loans as long as the provider was governed by the laws of another state. That year, the state Department of Banking revised its rule to require licensing by Feb. 1, 2009, of all non-depository entities, even those out of state, that offer loans carrying interest of greater than 6 percent. The Commonwealth Court ruled against Cash America Net, which earned $20 million for online loans in Pennsylvania in 2007 and 2008 bearing annual interest rates of roughly 1,200 percent. Pennsylvania, by comparison, caps lending rates at a default rate of 6 percent -- although lenders that are licensed may charge about 27 percent. "It is well settled in constitutional law that the regulation of interest rates is subject within the police power of the state particularly when it comes to cases involving small loans, which profoundly affect the social life of the community," Judge Doris A. Smith-Ribner wrote for the majority.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

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