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Unemployed and need payday loan help in PA

Submitted by ladylove1078 on Thu, 04/09/2009 - 08:05
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Hello, hopefully someone can help me out. As of April 2, I am unemployed. I resigned my job and relocating to Florida but the job I had lined up for me fell through. I'm still moving to Florida but without a job.
My question is I have 5 PDL's and I'm about to close my bank account because of the amount of monies taken out. And not sure what to do next.
The companies are :
1) Next Day Cash
2) My PayDay Loan (I've paid the principal balance)
3) Integrity Advance
4) Sign My
5) Magnum Cash Advance (licensed in DE,but not sure if the law in DE listed on this forum is correct cuz the maximum a DE law allows is $500 but I received $562)

I need help and advice from anyone! Thanks

Okay I have searched and this is what I have found.

The only info I could find on Sign My Loan was an address

P.O. Box 5813
Wilmington, DE 19808

I did search the DE database and found no legal lender that matched that address.

1-888-269-2303 (voice)
1-800-967-5140 (fax)

They are in Costa Rica. Illegal

I did not find anything on Next Day Cash. Do you have any loan documents that may have another name?

Integrity Advance is illegal.

Submitted by nohiogal on Thu, 04/09/2009 - 08:45


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You need to send them all a letter. You can email, fax or send certified with return reciept. Do not fax from work.

You can find a sample letter here. Scroll down to the 13th post to find it.

You need to change it to your loan information and state laws.

Remember you only owe what you borrowed. If you borrowed $300 you only owe $300. If you paid any weekly or monthy fees or rollover charges they count towards that amount.

You may not hear fro them right away. Some pounce the day after they do not get their payment and others take days or even weeks.

Remember, if they are illegal they can not do a thing to you. They will threaten all kinds of stuff though.

Submitted by nohiogal on Thu, 04/09/2009 - 14:44


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For anyone needing help in PA here is some info I have learned since yesterday.

1) is the same as GR Enterprises, NLS Cash Advcance and countless others. When you sign the contract the name on the contract says "G R Enterprises" when taking out of your account it is NLS CashAdv.

2) The State of PA according to someone I spoke with this morning that the Consumer Discount Company Act and the Check Cashing Licensing Act of '98 are two seperate things. Here is the link:
No store front PDL are allowed in PA because of the CCLA but the CDCA is the one that basically allows internet payday lending because it is not done in the state of PA and you must follow the state that the PDL is licensed under. It's a shame and realize I should move to New Jersey instead of Florida cuz of better laws concerning internet PDL

3)Here is a listing of the address for the companies I have loans to, maybe it can help you. -- NLS, P.O. Box 5813, Wilmington DE 19808 (thanks nohiogal!)

Intergity Advance -- Intergity Advance, LLC., 300 Creekview Road Suite 102, Newark DE 19711

Magnum --International Cash Advance, c/o Call Center Services Inc.,1403 Foulk Road Suite 203, Wilmington DE 19803 (thanks to nohiogal again)

MyNextDayCash -- My Next Day Cash,P.O Box 636, Charlestown Nevis West Indies or another one has the variation of P.O. Box 636 Edith Solomon Building

MyPayDay Loan -- Found two address
1- Zarvad III Collections DBA, 2274 South 1300 East,Suite #G15-283, Salt Lake City UT 84106
2-Zarvad III DBA, Centro Colon, 8 avo piso, Oficina 8-4
San Jose, Costa Rica

Submitted by ladylove1078 on Fri, 04/10/2009 - 11:28


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