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Hi all,

I recently had some severe financial hardships and took out some payday loans. I have tried to make payments on them, but it has come down to paying them or paying my rent. I'm trying to find out which loans are actually legal, and what my best options are for trying to deal with working out payment arrangements, as my inital contacts with all 6 companies resulted in nothing.

I live in Delaware. My loan principal amounts are: (based apparently out of Ireland): $200.00
Cash Central: $500.00
Advantage Cash Services: $300.00
VIP Cash: $300.00
CashNet USA: $800.00
United Cash Loans: $300.00

Any advice/information would be greatly appreciated.

Let me add that after doing some reading on this site last week, I sent out (through certified mail and fax) ACH revocation letters to all 6 lenders. Well, by message to, as they refuse to provide customers with and address or fax number.

They, of course, attempted to draft my account anyway. Bank of America was wonderful, since I brought the revocation letters in with me to the bank, and BofA refunded all the charges and filed claims against the lenders. That bank account is closed, and a new one is open that none of the lenders have access too.

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So I realized that I am unable to edit my posts once they are posted. Concerning how much I have paid these creditors:

Cash Central: $156.25
CashNet USA: $275.42 $632.00

The other three are recent and have not been paid.

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