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now i have closed my bank account what do i do next

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went to bank and closed my account. assured me that when account is closed nothing can go thru or force open that account, and if something tries to come thru that is not listed they will call me
so now what do i do?
i have a number for it is 18006801357
can anybody help with this one.
when do i contact the bbb about the illegal ones and what do i do about the legal ones because i do plan one paying the money i need help on what to do next please.

Well you have taken the first step congratulations :lol: . You might what to read the sticky on things that you should be aware of when closing your account.

Please do not open another account at that same bank because unfortunately these pdl co's will still try to put these thru your accounts especially if it is at the same bank. You just don't want to make this mistake in case of a clerical error. :oops:

Someone with more experience than I will be along shortly to advise you further. I have never heard of stadvance...I am assuming they are an interent co? Please list what state you are from and someone can look up your state laws for you. If you have posted this before and I haven't seen it please accept my apologies.

I would contact the bbb, attornery general's office in your state and the state that they operate under and the ftc righ away.

Please list how much you have borrowed, paid back in principal alone that will give everyone a better picture to answer you questions.

Somone should be responding to you shortly.

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ladybug ladybug

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Jonna, I posted to your other thread for you, I wanted to try to keep everything on one thread for you so you have all your information are doing a great job and Lady has given you some good information too.

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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I borrowed 200 off of STC Advance. Their ACH debit dept. had a malfunction & they took out 2 debits of 74 each. They said they would fix it & they didn't, I had to turn 1 in as a unauthorized debit. 4 days later, they did it again...all I borrowed was 200. There is no way to contact them, I cancelled my checking account & requested to send them a money order, the original contract says you can pay by money order or cashiers check. They will NOT give out an address, they will NOT give an email or fax number...they do NOT want to be located...I tracked their 800 number in a reverse phone book to Los Angeles, CA...I have reported them to the FTC...BBB does NOT know who or where they are...they are now calling my house, someone who I can't even understand most of what he says, but what I can make out, he is being VERY threatening! The other number I have for them is 323-317-9726. That is the number the calls come is also listed in Los Angeles. They use cell phones. They change phone numbers often. I don't know what to do from here either, they are a scarey group of people...if they would just give an address, we could pay them!

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Hi there Deb, I have been searching for some info on stcadvance and this is all I could come up with, perhaps someone else will hvae more info for you so I would suggest you keep checking back. :) Oh and, did you try searching at the BBB, someone may have filed complaints about them and there may be more info, just a thought. - 1-800-680-1357

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Shazzers Shazzers
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I have had the same problem with these people they have over drawn my checking account by $700+ dollars and of course my ban k has closed my account and is putting the $700 on my credit. I have tried to contact the company by their email and no response. My next step is too file bankrupcy on them. lesson learned the hard way i guess.

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