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First of all, thanks to everyone who posts on here. The amount of info I've come across is amazing.

I live in Tennessee and have made the terrible mistake of taking out multiple tribal installment loans with the following lenders:

Plain Green
Spot Loan
Sky Trail Cash
American Web Loan
Big Pic Loans
Blue Trust Loans
Rise Credit (I believe t his is legal)
Elastic - I believe this is legal)

I have paid various amounts to each but as you can imagine, still owe a fair amount to each. Questions I had:

- Are these legal in TN? I've seen conflicting info and I do plan on calling my State AGs office to try and confirm
- if they are legal, Do any of the above send to collections? If so, based on experience how quickly and do they report to credit bureaus?

I've already revoked ACH for all of the above loans as well


Plain Green - Illegal
Spot Loan - Illegal
Sky Trail Cash - Illegal
American Web Loan - Illegal
Big Pic Loans - Illegal
Blue Trust Loans - Illegal
Mobiloans - Illegal
Rise Credit (I believe t his is legal) - Legal
Elastic - I believe this is legal) - Legal

You should be concerned about only the last 2 lenders. They can report to credit bureaus. What you can do is arrange a repayment plan with them before the loans are sent to collections.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Plain Green is very tough to deal with. Beware!!!

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David Martin David Martin

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I live in TN and had loan with Skytrail cash and Plain green. they are illegal. I only paid the principal and asked them to marked my account as paid in full. I was successful with Skytrail cash. However, Plain green sold my account to a third party. In addition, Plain Green also reported to my TU credit report the debt as derogatory and sold to third party. My Credit took a significant hit because of that. I am disputing the reporting though. I agree with David that Plain Green is very hard to deal. But stay at it.

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bhaskarkahali bhaskarkahali

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Thanks everyone (I'm the original poster but had to create a new account, the forget password link wasn't working?). Anyways, quick update:

Skytrail - They already responded and agreed on a payment plan for just the principal owed

Plain Green - Great advice, have read in several places they are hard to deal with. I plan on paying them off as to not affect my credit

Mobiloans - Any experiences here? I see them reporting to my credit reports

Spot Loan - Got a response from these guys, the typical "we are a sovereign entity and expect you to pay, etc). Should I respond with basically the same email I sent originally (I used the same email found in this forum)?

Blue Trust Loan- Agreed to a payment plan on just the principal

Big Pic Loans - Awaiting a response

AWL - Awaiting a response

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sean1277 sean1277

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You just need to pay the principal amount to all the illegal lenders. But you have to repay the principal along with the interest to the legal payday lenders.

Sub: #5 posted on Thu, 01/17/2019 - 23:03

Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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So I got the following response from SpotLoan (Big Pic and Blue Trust sent me similar responses): Do I just keep responding back? I've already paid the principal and then some to Spotloan, but I still owe principal to the others

I sent the standard emails as outlined in the sticky, and got the standard response back (see below as an example from Spotloan). Do I just keep emailing back and forth, or what os the next step?

Dear Sean,
My name is Del B. and I am a Credit Service Manager here at Spotloan. We have received an email from you and would be happy to address any additional questions or concerns that you have.

I understand that you reside in Tennessee. As we previously explained, BlueChip Financial, an entity wholly owned by the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, has a valid lending license issued by the tribe. Spotloan is located and operates on our Reservation in North Dakota and has no physical presence in Tennessee, nor does it employ any staff in Tennessee. All loans are made from our Reservation. You remain obligated to fulfill this loan agreement that you sought out and accepted. You will find a copy of the license attached.

The outstanding balance of your loan, if you paid off all principal and interest today, is $942.56. Your next payment of $149.92 is due on January 31, 2019.

If you would like to resolve this issue, we would be hap py to work with you. Please contact me, at the number or email below, to get your loan back on track.

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sean1277 sean1277

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You don't have to answer at all. THey are clearly saying that they are the tribal lenders and illegal. So, don't worry, pay only the principal, that's it.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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