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Hi All -

I'm sure you all know the pain, I've felt like my world was collapsing over the past couple of months. I never knew this resource existed and sure glad I found it. I'm overdrawn in my checking account and just trying to get back to normal. I have a LOT of loans. From what I see, I may even hold the record. Very humiliating. Ready for it to be over. Please help, anything is SUPER appreciated.

I'm including a summary of all loans. I live in Texas and curious what the best course of action is. First I want to identify which lenders are ILLEGAL in Texas. Then I want to determine how to handle the remaining LEGAL loans. They are all Installment loans, except for Advance America which is a PayDay loan.

Thank you ALL in advance for your help.


Too many payday loans dude! You're in trouble.

Ace Cash Express - Legal lender
Speedy Cash - Legal lender
Blue Trust - Illegal
Cash Store - Legal lender
Opportunity - Legal
Lend-up - Legal
Mobile Loans - Illegal
Amplify - Illegal
Rise - CSO, legal
Plain Green - Illegal
Advance America - Legal
9 Torches - Illegal
Green Trust - Illegal
Bright Lending - Illegal
eMoney USA - Legal
Big Picture Loans - Illegal
Cash Central - Legal
Spot Loan - illegal
Money Key - CSO, legal

Approach the legal payday loan companies and ask for an Extended Payment Plan. In an extended payment plan, the lenders will freeze your interest and you can just repay the loan in a few installments. You can also consolidate your payday loans to get out of them.

Just pay the principal for the illegal payday loans.

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David Martin David Martin

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You have to repay the loan with interest to the legal lenders. If the lenders are illegal, then just pay the principal amount.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Thanks so much to both of you! Really appreciate it.

Sub: #3 posted on Fri, 05/03/2019 - 10:20

Jason H Jason H

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Hey Jason,
50% of your payday loans are legal. So, have you formed any payment plan to pay them off?
9 out of 19 loans are illegal, so you just have to make the principal payments there. But what about the rest? You have to bear the interest also, think about it.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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