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You guys have been so helpful; I just have one more question :)

My husband took out a loan from Mobiloans in August. We've borrowed $800. Total payments $1279.

I have revoked ACH using the letter template that I've found in other threads on this forum.

So far, when we sign in it says "your account is past due. contact account" and while it still shows our "scheduled payment" for 12/29, it also says to call in for alternative payment options.
We could not get my husbands payroll check changed quickly enough; he will have his check deposited into this account tomorrow, 12/29. I'm hoping they do not draft the payment, but my hopes are not high. We HAVE changed his DD for next week, so we are good there.

The only email I've gotten from them (from "accountservices") was that they tried to contact me and that "the issue you've described in your email can be more efficiently handled if you call us at blah blah blah". They did try to call, once, but I did not pick up - they called from an "unknown" number.

I can see back through the forums that other people have gotten much quicker turnaround from Mobiloans. Should I be concerned about that?
In my last email I offered to not take the refund owed me if they marked my account PIF. I've now sent them emails tues,wed, and thu this week; what do you think my next move should be??

Thanks in Advance!!!

If you have paid the original amount that you owe, then don't need to worry about it.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Unfortunately, they just sent another one saying I still owe the entire balance. I wonder how the others on here got a PIf letter so quickly! Does anyone have more advice? What to send them maybe?

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Did you get any feedback from them lately?

Sub: #3 posted on Mon, 01/01/2018 - 03:05

Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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Send a letter stating that you will report to the SAG if they don't give you a refund. They won't give you a PIF letter if you don't threaten them.

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The only response I got was that I needed to pay in full. I will try one saying I will report them to the SAG. Thanks, y’all!!

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Mollie Mollie

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Glad that you get help from this community!

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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