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Hi - I live in Texas and have taken out $375.00 in a payday loan from Speedy Cash (Integrity Texas Funding LP). It was my first payday loan ever and only realized how truly bad it was until after it was funded. I am barely making ends meet right now. Is there a way I can stop payments and offer a debt settlement plan or alternative payback. I see I am not the only one out there in this situation. They truly are "prey day" loans.

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You can contact a settlement company and enroll in a settlement program to deal with such a payday loan. They can negotiate with the pdl lender to settle the debt for a reduced payoff amount.
You can also settle it yourself if you have the negotiating skill.
Since this is your time and you didn't know about it much. From next time, look for other options instead of taking out a pdl.

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Yes, Payday loans can be your nightmare. If you are unable to make the payments, then settlement can be the good option. Find out a reliable professional debt relief company and enroll in the settlement program to get rid of the loans. Make sure the company you choose have good industry experience.

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