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I live in NC. I have 8 payday loans that I am stil

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I live in NC. I have 8 payday loans that I am still paying on. What can they do if I am unable to pay on them due to I am having back surgery on Tuesday and been out of work. I have try to call and let them know but they are very rude and if I could not pay a payment on 05-06-11 they will take me to court and sue me. They are:
Advancemetoday-borrow 400.00-pay 1200.00
DJD group-borow 200.00-pay 200.00
americawebloan-borrow 600.00 pay 200.00
500fastcas-borrow 300.00-pay 550.00
usfastcash-borrow 300.00-pay 300.00
unitedcashloans-borrow 200.00-pay 350.00
paydaymaxpborrow 350.00 pay 200.00
greatskycash-borrow 600.00-pay 200.00

Please help me- They are all internet loans. I am so scare cause they have threating to sue me ans take me to court.

Payday lending is illegal in North Carolina. Thus, the payday lenders that you've listed here are not licensed to operate in your state. They cannot sue you in the court as they are illegal. You can simply pay them the principal amount and get rid of the debts.

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Close your bank account ASAP!

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I did not close my banking account the only thing my bank told me to do was to cancel my debit card and get a new one since that is what they have use in the past. They also told me to dispute them. I just hope I did the right thing. Cause they get taking it out on my debit account and some of these loans I have pay more than what I have borrow. They keep calling me at work and home wanting more money. I call the bank today and dispute them and cancel my debit card. Did I do the right thing? Please help I am going to have back surgery tomorrow and trying to make pymt arrangements on the ones I still owe and they are very rude and want their money today. Please help me. What can happen if I do not pay these loans for they are unwilling to work with me to make payment arrangements with them? Please help! After these loans are pay I will never get in this situation again!! Thanks for all your help!

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[URL= dl-dealings.html]CLICK HERE[/URL] to find out how to deal with illegal lenders.

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