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I started receiving calls from a guy named Henry from some place called RH Group. He said he was with an arbitration group trying to serve me papers for a debt with red leaf lending. Said if I paid the money I wouldn't get the papers. I asked him for something showing the debt and he said he didn't have that because he was with an arbitration group and he was just there to make sure we got our court papers. But THat I needed to get this settled. Also, I asked for their address and he said he culdn't give that to me because of the business they do. I asked for fax and he couldn't give me that either. I told him online payday loans were illegal in the state of tn and he said because it was online that it fell under federal law and tehy would take me to court and sure me. Itold him he was breaking law becaues hwe was harradding me at work and calling more than once a day and he said i needed to get one thing stratight that he wasn't a debt collector so those laws didn't alpply to him. I said well you sure were wanting me to pay this so how are you not a debt collector when you wanted my debit card info to take a payment. I need help with this please! My boss is getting really tired of these calls.

Explain to your boss that you have been a victim of fraud and to ignore the calls. If you see their number, you can simply pickup and hangup with no need to talk to them or get a whistle and blow into phone. Good luck to you!

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report this cretin.first to your local police then your AG(attorney general).also as bingonut advised tell your boss what bingonut said.these are scammers,and to ignore the not speak to this idiot again.nobody calls saying they an arbitratoror porocess red leaf is tribal so use that info as well.this douche won't/can't do a thing they say.just know that.

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I contacted red leaf and they say this debt is being handled by total account recovery. TAR says it has been sent to Unit Debt Holders. UDH said they sent to searay portfolio managment. But when you call the number they leave it says RH group. This is such a mess. I told red leaf I would pay the principal of 425 and that was all because it's an illegal loan. But the calls wot stop. I can't find a fax for rh or a mailing address to send them a cease and desist. I'm at my wits end because I don't know who actually has the debt at the moment.

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