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I received a call today from a James Boski claiming to be be an appointed mediator regarding my debt and is in legal preperation to filed in my county against me. He states that he has gone through public and court records and has not found anything showing i have been to court regarding the matter. He wants me to call him back to get a statement in my defense going over the allegations against me prior to me being served on the order to appear. He left a number and docket number to call back with. 761-242-5288.

My mom also got a call last night from something similar regarding a legal action against me. It was a new york number saying the same thing leaving a case number to refer to when i call back. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

This is a scam - the have violated collection practices already in many ways. These happen all the time - if they call again demand that they send you validation for the supposed debt.. if not tell them to piss up a rope.. I would file a complaint with FTC for illegal collection practices if for nothing else the call they made to your mother.. Let her know you are a victim of fraud. Did they even give you a name? Is the call back number the same one you were called from? When Google number no legitimate business comes up - sure fire sign it is a scam..

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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It's a scam. "Violation in your county" Why didn't they tell you the name of the county you're in if they know so much about you? You probably don't need to call them back, and you should probably not even answer the phone.

This may sound extremely biased and slightly insensitive (who cares), but listen to the tone/voice of the person calling you... do they -sound- professional or do they sound like some $9/hr call center rep?

*I'm getting the same NY calls, as I posted in a new thread yesterday.

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ameoba23 ameoba23

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Yes, the person that called me, the call back number was the same as the number they called me from. The one that called my mom showed up private name private number. The call back number for that one was 716-242-5219. And he did state one of the counties that the city I live is in, however the city I live in is in 2 counties and I don't live in the one he stated in the voicemail.

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disturbed2four7 disturbed2four7

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I Googled again - lots of talk about scam on 800 notes - like I said if they call again - demand debt verification which by law they have to provide.. If they refuse, which they will - tell them to stop calling - report them to the FTC and then block their number..

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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