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Hello I am new here but I saw the thread explaining how to make thread to best get help, so I will do my best.

I am in california
I took loan from TNL Car Title Loan
I borrowed $2680
So far I have paid a total of $3216

Hello. I was looking for a Payday Loan for $1800 to pay an unexpected one-time bill. I was told by my payday shop that payday loans were not that large and I needed to go to TNL Car Title Loan to get a Car Title Loan. I have done payday loans before and I was very responsible and my payday shop is good so it was expensive but fair. But this time I have been cheated.

I'm making this thread because after Thanksgiving I'm going to go back to TNL car title loan and complain, and I need your help to confirm I was cheated and what to say. Here is the whole details of all my dealings with TNL just in case you may need it.

When I first went to TNL I wanted a loan of $1600. First thing I was told is that I had to borrow more than that. This should have been clue they were going to cheat me, but I was desperate. They told me I would use the extra money above the $1600 to pay the remaining car payments so I would only need to pay them from now on, and I would keep the same amount i am currently paying, but the loan would be expanded until I paid off the loan. They lent me $2680 for 6 months. My car payments are $536 and I had 2 left so I used the extra money to pay those and even had a couple bucks left over. I gave him account information, car, etc... and since then it has been debiting from my account and no problems.

Every month $536, and now the last month, there has been no payment. I got a message saying I am qualified for refinancing and there is a past due balance of $3216! I figure there is mistake and I manually through website make a payment of $536 through refinance. Now says $2680 remaining. I have already paid all $3216, it cheated and reset the loan. I go back to the store and I am given a printout of a page saying $3216 interest remaining balance $2680, term 12 months, and that it was reset because I refinanced. I try to explain that the only reason that I refinanced was because it didn't debit my account for $536 and had whole $3216 balance remaining, but she keeps on telling me that "it was already there."

What should I do when I go back? What did the refinancing do, can I roll it backwards, and is this even legal?

There was one other question I forgot and that is if I should change my checking accounts before I go back to the store, any way to check is the $536 debit set up still?

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noncha noncha

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You need to look at your contract that you signed and see if you were on an interest only loan? if yes, all the payment was going to interest only -nothing to principal.. which unfortunately is legal -and you signed the agreement.. If you default on - they will come get your car!!!
Tell us what the wording in your agreement is?

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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