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I posted in this forum back in 2010. I received a call as did my Mother In law from some guy claiming to be with this law firm. Said I had a docket number from a loan I took out with Lakota Cash back in 2010.

After asking questions Mike Hill informed me that he had been reading my post from this forum. Confirmed my username and other info. He said that Lakota Cash was affiliated with 500 fast cash. So I called them and was told they are not represented by them.

So during my 13 phone calls with Mike Hill I 3 way called 500fast cash and he immediately said that he wasnt affiliated with them it was someone else. I have a paid in full letter from Lakota Cash stating the loan has been paid off and when I pressed him for an email address or website he wouldn't give it to me. Just kept dodging the question and going back to the standby of pay my bills.

To top it all off he laughed at me and also my disabled son. That set me off. I don't care if the company is legit or not because I know the loan was paid off. My biggest concern is these creeps have ALL of my info. They also were able to find my mother in laws phone number and have harassed her.

I want to call Lakota Cash to let thwm know what is going on but I cant find a contact number.

Has anyine dealt with this Mike Hill person? Any luck getting them to leave you alone?
Thanks in advance.

report this seems lakota cash gave this idiot your info.illegal lenders hate it when a person catches on and stops the money them to your AG,and the FTC.inform all that this is a scam,and to hang up without a do the same.he will tire of the click,but talking to him only encourages more calls,and stupidity from ignore/hang up.btw when i say report i mean this mike hill,and lakota cash.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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It's pretty obvious that the collector is full of something spelled similar to ship when they are disclosing the fact they cyber-stalk you here on the forums.

Take names, numbers, dates and times of these calls and report this individual. This is reckless behavior and should be investigated for potential criminal charges.

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knowyourrights knowyourrights

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