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I need some advice dealing with Lendgreen. I received a loan from them on 9/24/14 in the amount of $400. I calculated my total payments to date which comes to $1100. Do I owe these guys anything else? I have already paid well over the principal. They make it impossible to find your loan info. I finally called and found only $10 is going towards my principal? That is ridiculous! It would take me another year and a half to pay off my loan. Basically I want to see if I am obligated to pay them anything else? I know they say they operate under an Indian tribe. Also my state, South Dakota, wasn't listed as one of the states they couldn't lend to. Please help!

no tribal loan is legal so you your current account(see a manager for this)and follow the link in helpinaz's signature.there are sample letters and how to file AG,AND FTC complaints.just know that you overpaid,and need to again secure/close your account.again only see a manger for that and know that they will lie,and harras,but they can do nothing else.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Should I also send Lendgreen an email revoking ACH? I was also planning on telling them to close my account with them and consider it paid in full, even though I'm sure they won't go for it. Not sure if this would cause me more headache or not. Or is it better just to wait until next payday and have them figure it out for themselves?

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SD lady SD lady

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You should send them a revocation letter - make sure you follow all the steps in the link below in my signature.. - they don't have a choice they are illegal.. You want to secure your account.. close the current one and open a new one not linked to the old one in any way.. if your current bank will not do for you - move to a new bank.. You only owe principal that you originally borrowed - and in your case they owe you a refund of $700.00

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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