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Please Help! I can't do this anymore in Ohio 11 PDL - 8 store front & 3 internet

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I am in need of any help anyone can give me! I am a single mom of 3 that has gotten in way over my head and don't know what else to do. I am not able to get out of this hole. I kept getting more PDL to pay the others. I want the cycle to stop but don't know what to do. I will set up payments for all of them and intend to pay them all back but I need to figure out how to manage all of them. I am self employed and am paid commission only when I have a sale. Here are the details:

State - Ohio

Store front: (all are due 1x a month)
1. Ace - loan amt 800 but owe 945.47 paid 3 rollovers already & is due 3/23 current
2. Cashland - loan amt 1150 owe 1280.82 I refinanced for past 6 months & is due 3/31 current
3. Checksmart - loan amt 800 still owe 930.20 I have paid 130 and refinanced for past 3 months & is due 3/31 current
4. National - loan amt 600 owe 693.00 refinanced for past 5 months due 3/31 current
5. Check Into Cash - loan amt 744.00 paid 77 owe 670 & is due 3/31 refinanced for past 7 months current
6. Advance America - loan amt 750 owe 833.03 refinanced each month for past 12 months & is due 3/13
7. Always Payday - Loan amt 800 owe 899.30 past due 2 days *this one makes me pay every 2 weeks* refinanced 7 times so far
8. Check N Go store - Installment loan of 384.23 due last day of each month for 4 months. I have paid this 1 time so far. Current

Internet loans (CSO)
1. Check N Go - Loan amt 1300 1620 due on 3/13 - I have emailed them to revoke ACH today and received an email back that they have removed that from my account. They said someone from Collections will be in touch with me the day after my due date. I forgot to add the part about the wages. Do I need to do that if I am self employed? I can resend the email again.
2. Rise - Loan amt 1500 1st payment - 273.81 2nd payment 386.45 still owe 1150.00 (each day the interest is 6.50) I was due on 3/7 for the 386.45 and ACH was returned unpaid. I paid it today by borrowing from a friend. So I am current now. Due again on 3/31
3. CashNetUSA - loan amt was 1800 owe 2210. Was due on 3/2 and was returned unpaid. I was able to set up 5 payments of 442 starting on 3/15. I really didn't want to start it on that date also for that amount but the girl was not nice and demanding and said that is all she could do for me. I might try to call back because I am not going to be able to have that available on 3/15.

I am at a loss and really could use help so I can get this under control and stop paying hundreds out in fees each month.

Thank you!!

Ohio has strict laws but I believe the store fronts are legal.. Not so sure of the internet ones. You owe well over $10k...thought about bankruptcy??? Get a fresh start.

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unfortunately all of these are legal,and BK might be your option.i have a question as what soaplady said was true about pdl's/CSO'S in were you able to get all of those storefront loans?anyway BK might be your best option here.

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The sad part is Ohio doesn't really have any laws. There aren't any laws in place to stop someone from getting multiple loans. I can't file chapter 7 because I had done that back in early 2010. So it would have to be chapter 13. I am not sure if that is even an option. I wanted to see if anyone knows if it is possible to do a debt management payment plan on all of them. I spoke to Always and Natinal and they refuse to participate. She told me they would put something on my house since I own. I asked her what that would be and she said it would be a garnishment. I told her that isn't possinle because they only garnish wages and that this is an unsecured loan. They can't touch my home. I need to find a way to get through this. If I could get payments plans longer than 4 months then I might be able to do this without doing a chapter 13.

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Do you have a 401K you can take a loan or hardship withdrawal from? Thats how I paid off my 13 simultaneous PDLs.

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