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Plain Green Loans Response - Can I Consider Loan PIF?

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I have/had a loan with Plain Green Loans and overpaid them. I sent the letter on this site asking for PIF, refund, and to stop ACH debits/contacting me further to Plain Green Loans. Their response was as follows:

We are in receipt of your recent written complaint dated xx/xx/xxxx, and as you requested, your account has been closed from further activity. We will make no further attempts to debit your bank account, nor will we make any further attempts to contact you by phone or email. We believe that this resolves the matter.

Plain Green, LLC is a wholly-owned tribal enterprise, owned and operated by the Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, Montana, a sovereign Indian Nation. We understand that you are not satisfied with our product, and pursuant to your request we will make no further electronic debits to your bank account, nor will we make any further attempts to contact you by phone or email. Again, we believe that this resolves the matter and that you will find this satisfies your concerns.


Plain Green, LLC

They didn't mention anything about the refund, but I don't really care about the refund and just want to make sure my account is marked as PIF.

Is it safe to consider this response from them as them acknowledging that my loan has been PIF? They mentioned my account being closed (I can't access it online anymore either), but could that mean that they sent it to a collections agency instead? Will this be taken off of my credit report?

Looking for any insight and if anyone else here has had a similar experience when sending a PIF letter to Plain Green Loans. What was their response and the outcome?

well if it is in fact on your credit report dispute it asap as no illegal debt can on there,and a tribal lender is not a legal yes they most likely did sell the debt to a bottomfeeder meaning a lawbreaker that will break the law with threats,and stupidity.when you are contacted by said bottomfeeder let us know.we can help with that,but to close i would have considered it paid once you found out they were illegal,and you overpaid.JMHO.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks Paulmergel.

In their email, they did say, "your account has been closed from further activity." In your opinion, does this mean "Yes, we acknowledge we are illegal and we will consider your account is paid in full." OR, does it mean "Yes, we will close your account from 'further' activity, but we are sending it to a bottomfeeder."

Either way, is it worth trying to follow-up with them and ask specifically for them to acknowledge that there is a "zero balance and PIF" or is it not worth my time sending an email either way as they will not respond?

I've seen some posts on this forum where people get a "zero balance and account closed" email from them whereas I only got the "account closed from further activity" email. Somewhat worries me...

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EliminateDebt EliminateDebt

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it can't hurt to push for an actual PIF,but with tribal lenders that is like getting a root for your response examples number two is the option here unfortunately.however know that anybody who tries to collect you can file AG complaints against as they will threaten everything,but be able to do none of it.again when contacted by said botomfeeder let us know and we can help from close i wouldn't worry about your account.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Yes your paid in full I beat them the same way

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Thanks for the replies. It has been 2 weeks since they closed my account from "further activity" and I haven't heard from a bottom feader yet. If/when I do, I will be sure to reply back to this thread.

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EliminateDebt EliminateDebt

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